Environmental Policy

Coastal Grounds Maintenance Ltd. is committed to continually improve and promote sound environmental practice wherever possible. We believe that environmental protection is a strategic business issue and an integral part of our environmental laws and regulations. We ensure that our employees are aware and up to date with their certification and responsible for good environmental practice and integrated pest management.

All Pesticides used are done so after all IPM procedures are followed and only as a last resort to promote good plant health and eliminate infestation. Integrated Pest Management as outlined by the BCLNA is our first line of defense in every pesticide and herbicide application. The use of pheromone traps and biological pesticides help assist in minimizing pest's problems and attracting beneficial insects to control pest populations. We use only organic fertilizers and limit our use of chemicals by using biological control methods whenever possible.

All trimmings and clippings are brought to the local transfer stations to be composted into bark mulch and soil products which are in turn used back on our sites. These products help to retain moisture to reduce the need for excess watering during hot summer months and keep plants health by feeding the plants nutrients during the remainder of the decomp.

All sprinkling regulations are followed and all irrigation timers are set to adhere to the Municipal Sprinkling regulations. All timers are equipped with remote moisture control sensors, not only does this elimintate sprinkling during rainy days it also eliminates over watering in shady and moist areas.

Coastal Grounds Maintenance Ltd. sets environmental objectives for its business activities and reviews them Quarterly. To achieve these objectives all supervisors are required to complete their daily reporting so we can monitor our environmental performance and Pesticide usage. Maintenance is a clean-up business and Coastal Grounds Maintenance Ltd. is committed to upholding the highest standard for their clients with minimal effect on the environment.

Mark Handfield L.A.T.
General Manager